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Acts Around The World - Showcase Entertainment at Epcot

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Epcot features some of Walt Disney Worlds best live entertainment. Some of the acts featured around World Showcase have been staples for over 30 years since the park opened in 1982. It is interesting to note that EVERY pavilion around 'World Showcase' has some kind of live entertainment. Let's dive in to all the entertainment offered. #epcot

~ Mexico Pavilion ~

Original Epcot Show From 1982

If you walk through the Mexico Pavilion you may hear some trumpets nearby. Outside the amazing temple you can see a live mariachi band. The number of members vary from day to day, but no matter what the size or the show format, they do an outstanding show. They are happy to sing happy birthday if you are celebrating your or a loved ones special day. #mariachi

~ Norway Pavilion ~

This Viking duo is so much fun. Although they may grunt or shout at you, don't worry! They mean you no harm. They are out for mischief and are continuing to learn things about this modern world. The play-acting they do is phenomenal. If you are doing the showcase tour see if they are roaming around Norway.

~ China Pavilion ~

This show is a real spectacle. Between the acrobatics and juggling, it is a feast for the eyes. This show draws huge crowds so be on the look out for the daily time board and come a bit early. It is a very traditional show and has been a feature of Epcot for many years.

~ Germany Pavilion ~

Inside the Biergarten of Germany you can see a traditional Polka band. These guys are terrific and are one of the few original Epcot acts. They having been entertaining crowds since 1982. This is one of TMR tours go to restaurants in Epcot because of the amazing entertainment and food. If you have never checked out the Biergarten, we HIGHLY recommend it for your next get away. Something to note; even though they serve beer inside it is family friendly and kids are VERY welcome. #Beirgarten

Original Epcot Show From 1982

~ Italy Pavilion ~

Sergio the Juggling Clown is another act that has been featured for some time. He is by no means original to the Epcot line-up, but he has seen some time in the Florida sun. His act has evolved over the last few years and it is extremely interactive. Many members of the audience will help in the act along the way. His talent speaks for itself and he humor is playful as well. One fun thing about the act is that he performs as a somewhat traditional European clown, meaning he is more of a mime and does not speak at all during the show. He does blow a whistle to help get your attention. If you don't see him you will surely hear the whistle!

~ America Pavilion ~

Voices of Liberty is another original Epcot group. This acapella troop sings patriotic tunes that will have you feeling a great sense of American pride. The atrium of the American Adventure gives them some amazing acoustics. This show is definitely worth watching and taking in. Don't forget to go see the American Adventure show as well, a great way to celebrate the history and progress of America.

Original Epcot Show From 1982

~ Japan Pavilion ~

Sometimes you will hear drumming across 'Showcase Lagoon', this is coming from Japan. The traditional Japanese drum show is somewhat ritualistic, but none the less impressive. The Japan showcase features the biggest non-Disney merchandise store on all of Walt Disney World Property, Mitsukoshi. Make sure to check out the pick a pearl station

inside for more Japanese culture and interaction.

~ Morocco Pavilion ~

The tunes coming from Morocco can be heard upon approach. Another beautiful pavilion with amazing music to be heard. The band playing on this small stage has a varying schedule, but the street party they create can not be missed. You really get the sense you are in a living, breathing market place.

~ France Pavilion ~

If you walk through France and happen to see a huge crowd, be ready for a show. These acrobats are unique and do various balancing feats. Usually you will see a tower of chairs being stacked. Although this is another great show, I miss the marbled living statues that used to be featured here in the 1990s.

~ United Kingdom Pavilion ~

This was new to us. The Piano Hat Lady. This was a mystery that we had to solve because much like other acts around Walt Disney World, she has a changing schedule. Her schedule can be tricky to find as well, being that she plays in the Rose and Crown Pub, but her sign is frequently outside in the street. The piano itself is tucked in away in a back nook of the bar. She sings all sorts of funs songs, ranging from Disney main titles to Marry Poppins classics. She is a real gas and is always wearing a different crazy hat. Often she is referred to as the Hat Lady or Piano Lady. Just one of the reasons this character is a mystery. #hatlady

~ Canada Pavilion ~

This pavilion features a small stage with acts that interchange. Much like the stage over in the America Pavilion, there is not set act that plays regularly. Many bands change for various festivals and seasons. You may even catch a specialty show, normally Canadian themed. Sometimes they even feature lumberjack shows at this stage, but this is rare.

~ Future World ~

Here is a bonus for those interested. The Jamitors will come out form time to time to play in future world, generally the Mission Space side. So if you are heading for Test Track be on the look out for these drummers. They are not your typical janitors, they have a special flare! They also open Epcot each morning if you happen to go for rope drop. #jamitors

Walt Disney World features some of the best entertainment and when you are at Epcot it is never far away. No matter what time of day, there is always entertainment happening somewhere inside 'World Showcase'. Be on the look out for these amazing acts around the world. Which have you seen? Which are your favorite? Let us know over on our social media!

Article By TMR Tours


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