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All Star Movies & Music Refurb Rooms | Walt Disney World

Looking for an affordable yet comfortable stay at Walt Disney World. Staying on property does not have to cost an arm and a leg. The All Star Resorts are an affordable option and the NEW refurb rooms at both All Star Movies and Music are amazing. You can book these rooms for about $150 depending on the season and availability.

TMR tours video of the room: Here

With a sleek and modern look these rooms promote cleanliness. Lots of storage cubbies and murphy bed that turns into a table. For couples this option is amazingly spacious and for small families it is equally beneficial.

Some have stated the room's lack of overall Disney presence, but the undertones create a very neutral and relaxing setting. Remember, staying at a Disney resort you just need to step outside to get some of the great Disney atmosphere.

Check out the video of our room: Here

All Star Resort is one of the most affordable Resorts to stay at Walt Disney World and can be booked for as low as $120 a night depending on the season and availability. The Refurb Rooms are booked through the preferred room setting. Also, be sure to request a refurbished room upon booking your preferred room stay. We have enjoyed staying at the All Star Resorts and the NEW rooms are well worth it!

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