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AFFORDABLE Disney Souvenir | Collectable Medallions/Coins

Everyone is looking for cheap souvenirs that will last a lifetime. With more merchandise hitting shelves daily and prices continuing to rise it is no mystery people are looking for cheap ways to take the magic home. We found these amazing coin/medallions scattered around the parks.

The first one we discovered was at the Disney Pin Trader booth at Disney Springs. What makes this even better, each machine has multiple designs, allowing you to choose your favorite whether you buy one or three. Priced at 1 for $5 or 3 for $10 As I right this...Rian here...a magician who frequently purchases novelty coins. This is a STEAL. At 3 for $10 you are getting a great deal. Consider this; most pins start at $9.99.

These coins will likely last longer and won't have the possibility of vinyl paint chipping.

Disney Springs

Inside the large Disney Pin traders location you will find this machine. Follow the center of the kiosk around and you will find this one nestled. This was the first one we discovered.

Magic Kingdom

A machine popped up inside the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop back in October.


The machine at this park is inside Port of Entry gifts. Since its installment this machine has seen specialty Food and Wine coins and Holiday Festival. We were hoping for Arts Festival coins, but that didn't happen. What coin magician wouldn't love Figment coins?!

I also love the bit of American Adventure that can be contrasted here.

Think 1000 years from now, these coins, if found could tell a lot about us... "Using metal, it would tell them we are miners of science. The shape of the coin, a perfect circle, letting them know we understand geometry, the portraits would mark us as artists with advanced techniques."

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Article By TMR Tours


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