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Taking AMAZING Pictures at Epcot Arts Festival

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Taking those trendy and interesting photos can be a pain. Let's dive into what #TMRtours does to spot interesting photo opportunities. A new year means new festival experiences. This time of years brings the #Epcot International Arts Festival back to #WaltDisneyWorld. This years festival runs January 17th to February 24th. #artfulepcot

We caught up with Trevor Carlton on a previous trip. VIDEO HERE

1.Unusual Locations

Although this seems like an obvious suggestion, it still remains true. Interesting backgrounds can be the first step to taking attention grabbing photos. This does not have to mean the location you may be standing, but a situational area.

Below is a photo of garbage...taken at the paint by numbers booth. The colored paint containers and brushes made for interesting snap shots.

2.Art Supplies

Expanding on a similar topic we just pulled from the garbage, art supplies. The tools the artist use can make for fun and organic pictures. A cup full of paint brushes and a pallet with paint on it can capture the Arts Festival in a single image.

3.Timeless Food

The art festival brings some fancy dishes and drinks to life. Some of them will photograph amazingly. There are plenty of signs and backdrops that help make any of these items pop.

4.Artists At Work

Another great time to snap some pictures is when artists are hard at work. Catching these artist in the moment can create some beautiful photos moments. Find some of the live paintings and catch some talented artists. We caught up with Trevor Carlton on a previous trip. VIDEO HERE

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