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TMR Tours is a consumer guide to the world’s greatest theme parks. Constantly collecting reliable and family friendly vacation tips, reviews, and DIY’s, TMR Tours is your one stop site to help you prepare and plan your next theme park visit.


For the first time, TMR is compiling over 20 years of combined theme park knowledge into one place to help others create magic memories of their own. With numerous collaborators across the globe. TMR wants to bring a wide range of information from multiple view points.


Grab a seat, make sure that lap bar is locked down and get ready to become the next theme park expert in the family. From Disney parks around the world, to Universal Studios and so many more, let TMR Tours help guide you along your next adventure. 

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If you are interested in advertising with us, booking podcasts/live streams or setting up a specially designed private TMR tour, please reach send us any questions.   tmrtourstravel@gmail.com

You can also message us directly on @TMRtours Facebook page.