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Ronto Wrap Recipe | Galaxys Edge

Well, the buzz is out and now you can make yourself a Ronto Wrap featured at Star Wars Galaxys Edge. Both Disneyland and Walt Diseny wOrld feature these amazing wraps at Ronto Roasters, but now #TMRtours has created a #recipe for you to try at home.


Pita Bread / Wraps

1 cup Cole Slaw

6 ounces Pulled / Shredded Pork

2 Smoked Sausages


For the main protein we used a smoked Polish sausage and some seasoned pulled pork that we purchased from Moe's/Chipotle. Grill the sausage to your liking. Now put everything together. Pulled pork onto the wrap, add the sausage and top it with cole slaw, THAT IS IT.

As simple as it sounds the flavor combinations compliment each other and make a great dish. This is easy to put together at home and is delicious. Perfect for your next Cosplay or Star Wars themed party.

Check out our video of it below with a review and tasting at the end.

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Article By TMR Tours


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