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Spring Cleaning with Magic Bands

THREE helpful tips to keep things organized, using some Disney magic.

Magic Bands

HelpfuFor those that travel to the house of mouse semi-frequently you may wonder what to do with those magic bands. Many take to pinterest to make wreaths and other home decor. TMRtours is here to say they are GREAT for some spring cleaning uses.

1. Cable wraps. Also headphones...hey podcasters.

2. Hand Towel Wraps

Bring a touch of Disney Resort living into your home. Make those hand towels inviting and remind you of your happy place.

3. Yard Hangers.

Whether you hang flower baskets, bird feeders or wind chimes. All of these outdoor hanging elements can be enhanced with some Disney Magic.

If you hang multiple in your yard it can be a fun game for the kids to spot them all. Much like an easter egg hunt.

Article By TMR Tours Kungaloosh!

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