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Food at Harambe Market

Updated: May 18, 2020

From Gyros to Rice Bowls, this counter service has us jumping for joy. Harambe Market is TMRtours new favorite location to grab a quick bite at Animal Kingdom. For the longest time we would likely go to Satuli Canteen or Yak and Yeti, but we wanted to find something new. Well, deep in the heart of Harambe we found the answer. #TMRtours #animalkingdom #lunch #gyro #ricebowl

Join us as we try some dishes: Here

We did not hesitate once we saw the menu. The Beef/Lamb Gyro and the Chicken Rice Bowl was exactly what we were looking for. Both created some variety we had yet to discover at Animal Kingdom and we were kindly surprised.

Beef and Lamb Gyro $11.29

Thin-sliced Gyro Meats served open-faced on Naan peta. Topped with Cucumber and Tomato Salad and Tzatziki Sauce and served with African Coleslaw.

This dish was amazing. A perfect combination between the tomato and tzatziki. If you love gyros than you will indeed love this dish, we had no idea there were gyros at Animal Kingdom, now we can not unlearn that fact.

Chicken Rice Bowls - $11.79

Huge portion of Grilled Chicken on Cilantro Rice with Salad Greens. Topped with Salsa.

This was another surprise. Although it is simple in assembly the rice was well made and the chicken was amazing. They give you a VERY generous portion of chicken as well, easily sharable. The salsa is a nice touch to go with the green salad and rice. All and all a great dish that will keep you full, but not weighed down.

One thing to note is the cole slaw is made fresh everyday. It is an African season slaw, that has a tangy sourness to it very different than your usual slaw. It is oil based as apposed to mayonnaise based.

Join us as we try some dishes: Here

TMR tours have found ourselves heading over to Harambe Market in the afternoon to grab some of these amazing dishes. We would highly recommend checking out this location during your next adventure.

Article By TMR Tours Kungaloosh!

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