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Lunch Under $20 at Walt Disney World

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Quick service dinning at Disney is what most guests experience when visiting the parks. These locations are where you walk up to a window, order, and then seat and serve yourself. There are tons of these locations around property and they serve more than just cheeseburgers and chicken fingers. Here are some of TMR Tour's favorites that you can eat at for less than $20.00.

Sunshine Seasons - The Land, Epcot

Most people are visiting The Land to ride the popular ride Soarin' but The Land has so much more to offer than just a cool ride. Sunshine Seasons is located on the lower level and is a host to a wide variety of food! This isn't your average theme park food either, there are options like rotisserie chicken, Mongolian beef, and hand crafted sandwiches on fresh ciabatta on the menu.

Sounds expensive right? It's not! the average price for a meal with a drink is $14.99 and the portions you get are large, and that's even before you get to choose your side dish! These meals provide portions that are easily sharable between two adults so you can fill up just enough and not spend $100 snacking at food and wine booths.

What's really neat, is that some of the fresh ingredients that they use, come right from the Living with the Land green houses! So you can eat and then see where your food was grown.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe - Frontier Land, Magic Kingdom

Rustle up some grub at this Old West saloon! With menu options like chicken fajitas, taco trios, the Southwest Burger and maybe some mini churros with dipping chocolate for dessert, this is a classic southwest eatery.

Here you can order your main dish and then stop by the fixins' bar to build your ultimate meal. Since this is one of largest eateries in Magic Kingdom, it can often be busy at meal times so don't forget to use Mobile Ordering! The mobile order menu even has some secret menu items that you can't get anywhere else.

No matter what or how you order, you will leave with a full belly and money in your wallet. Meals here average $14.99 for a entree and drink and you again, get a full plate of food.

Satu'li Canteen - Pandora, Animal Kingdom

53ext up is a unique option that you can find in Animal Kingdom. Satu'li Canteen is in Pandora - The World of Avatar and has a menu that focuses on whole food grains, veggies, and proteins. Here you can build your own protein bowl with ingredients like grilled beef/chicken, chili garlic shrimp or even tofu! While the bowls are delicious, TMR Tours goes here for the steamed burger pods, aka cheeseburger bao buns! These are a little cheeseburger inside a steamed bun and they are fantastic! Perfectly seasoned and easy to eat if you have little ones. We know kids usually want the chicken fingers and adults want more than that, so this is the perfect melding of the two needs.

Average price for a meal here is again $14.99 for an entree and drink but can be a bit more if you get an adult beverage with your meal. That's right! This location offers adult beverages and mobile ordering!

ABC Commissary - Commissary Lane, Hollywood Studios

The ABC Commissary is an art deco restaurant that has a bit more of an upscale feel to the menu. It is modeled after a real backlot eatery for the stars and Disney wants you to experience that too. The menu here has BBQ ribs, chicken club, angus burgers, and even a land and sea platter! This location also has a really extensive gluten/wheat allergy friendly menu.

Surprisingly, the average cost of a meal here is again $14.99 for an entree. Since the entrees are a bit more upscale, getting a drink pushes it a lot closer to that $20.00 mark.

Something new: Starting March 28, 2019, ABC Commissary will be taking dinner reservations for dates beginning June 2, 2019. So they are going the route of Be Our Guest restaurant where you have to make reservations for a quick service location.

We know that you don't want to drop a ton of money just to eat while on vacation so don't be afraid to share meals or even order off the kids menu! If you are like us here at TMR Tours and don't want to just eat chicken fingers or burgers all the time, these are some of our favorite spots that don't break the bank. Make sure to check out our YouTube channel for some more lunch options just at Magic Kingdom or some hidden food gems.

Do you have a favorite lunch spot?

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Article By TMR Tours


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TMR Tours
TMR Tours
Mar 29, 2019

More tips for under $20 coming soon. What else do you want to see/hear about?


Ric Forbes
Ric Forbes
Mar 28, 2019

It all looks so good! I can't wait to get back to the world so I can try that sandwich at Sunshine Seasons!

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