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No More Free Swapping of Fuel Rods

It will now cost you $3 to swap out your Fuel Rod in the parks. #FuelRods #NotFreeAnymore #DisneyPortableBatteries

What was once a free, very convenient service in a place where finding an outlet is like finding water in the desert, will now cost guests $3!

FuelRod is a brand of USB battery chargers obtainable and swappable at vending machines at airports, malls, and theme parks. Disney partnered with them to have several of their handy machines throughout all the parks. It originally was a one time fee to buy the rechargeable battery. Once you used it in the parks and needed more juice, you simply would take it to any kiosk and swap it out for a new, fully loaded one. Swapping out was almost inevitable because most modern phones would take more than one fuel rod to charge up fully. It was very quietly announced that as of 11/1/19, it will now cost consumers $3 to swap out their Fuel Rod.

So now you have to pay approximately $30 for the charger starter kit and then $3 to swap it if you need more power while in the park.

Many airports and other tourist destinations, including nearby theme parks like Universal, already charge a fee to swap your FuelRod. However, this change for Disney guests is sure to be a major adjustment for guests who rely on FuelRods to keep their devices charged during their day.

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