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Nine Dragons Restaurant Review | Appetizers We Love

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Let's talk about a restaurant that for some, is hit or miss. For others it is a pass it by experience, but #TMRtours is going to tell you why we love this #waltdisneyworld restaurant.

What we will point out here is that the Appetizer menu features dishes that, to us, are better than the entrees. Although the featured dining menu is good, there are items on the appetizer menu we cannot resist. One thing to note about this location is that it is one of the few Epcot restaurants that can somewhat regularly do walk up seating. So if you are looking for a quick lunch, most likely no reservation would be needed.

First is a dish Stacy loves to get, the Sichuan Dumplings ($13.00). This dish comes in a chili sauce and can be extremely filling. There is some spice to this one, but the flavor combinations within make this a true foodie dish.

Next is a traditional treat that is great on the go and is super affordable, Pot Stickers ($7.00). With a side of soy sauce this is something that will keep you moving during the day as you move toward that HUGE dinner you planned. A light dish that will deliver on flavor and not put a dent in your wallet.

Next up is a MUST get EVERY trip for Rian, is the General Tso's Chicken Bao Buns. ($10.00) . This item is found on the lunch and dinner appetizer menu. Since discovered there is no turning back, these bars are sweet and spicy, with perfectly cooked crispy chicken. If you are a fan of General Tso dishes, you will LOVE this item. Plus, the signature sauce used here is extra good too. #generaltso #baobun

Have a look at the video we shot with some facts about the Bao dish you may not know.

We would highly recommend checking out this great restaurant if you haven't. Don't let some minimal bad reviews distract you. This restaurant is well worth checking out and can be a quick and affordable option as well. #TMRtours eats here every trip and the food never disappoints. Plus, if you have never taken the plunge on bao culture, here is a great introduction.

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