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Golfing at Walt Disney World

Did you know there are FOUR beautiful Golf courses at Walt Disney World? Let's break them all down and see what WDW has to offer for any golfers out there.

The different courses are spread across two separate locations. One shares property with Shades Of Green Resort. The other is near Saratoga Springs and Disney Springs. The larger location is by Shades of Green. At this location you will find three courses.

Palm - 18 Hole Course Magnolia - 18 Hole Course Oak Trail - 9 Hole Course - Family Friendly

Foot Golf is also available at Oak Trail.

This can be a fun family activity or business workshop. Lake Buena Vista - 18 Hole Course Near Saratoga Spring Resort

Both locations feature a Pro-shop with tons of Disney themed golf accessories, from golf bags to golf balls. The larger Pro-Shop is located at the larger, Shades Of Green complex. There are two driving ranges featured here as well. The Lake Buena Vista Course has one driving range but includes a water obstacle. Your tee times can be scheduled at each respective Pro-shop and are generally easy to make. The price varies depending on the season.

Have you golfed at Walt Disney World, what was it like?

Let us know in the comments.

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1 Comment

TMR Tours
TMR Tours
Sep 04, 2019

We never have golfed at Disney...well Stacy has never Golfed, EVER. Rian hasn't in a decade. It would be fun to try a Disney course.

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