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Everything you Need to Know About FastPass+

Everyone dreams of a magical Disney vacation where it’s the perfect weather, your family all gets along and you don’t wait in long lines for rides. Now we can’t control the weather or your family but, we can help you with how to skip long ride lines at Disney!

In this article we will tell you how you can utilize a FREE system at Walt Disney World called FastPass+ (FP). Becoming a master of FP will allow you to practically walk onto rides, get reserved seats for the hottest shows, and generally maximize your time in the parks! Let’s get started;

What is FastPass+? FastPass+ is a digital ticketing system that allows every ticket holder the opportunity to “skip-the-line” on three select attractions at one park per day. You have to have valid park admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Epcot to participate.

Each admission has the same amount of FPs and are FREE to use! (Yes, something at Disney that is completely free.)

How Does FastPass+ Work? FP at WDW is different than at Disneyland. You can make FP reservations up to 60 days in advance of your WDW resort reservation, (30 days if you are not staying on WDW property,) on the My Disney Experience (MDE) website or app so make sure you don’t wait to buy your tickets at the gate.

Most rides have two queues; a regular ‘stand by’ entrance and a FP entrance. Having a FP means that you can get in the much shorter, faster FP line. You will log onto the MDE website or app to make FP reservations. Reservations are 1 hour time slots that you can book to go to the ride and use the FP entrance.

If you have been to WDW in the past, or are familiar with Disneyland’s FP system, you might remember the paper tickets that you would get at each ride to come back during your time slot. Everything at WDW is digital now and controlled by you in the MDE app. Once you book your FP reservations, they should be automatically linked to your magic band.

What if I am early or late for my FP reservation? When you have a FP reservation, you get a 1 hour time slot to use it. You can board your attraction 5 minutes early or up to 15 minutes late. If you do not show up for a FP reservation at all, there is no penalty.

Additional note about FP timing; You cannot overlap FP booking times at WDW. This is to help you not miss any FP reservations you make but it can sometimes be troublesome when trying to book reservations back to back.

What if I am park hopping?

You can make FP reservations and park hop as well! You just have to be willing to make FP reservations on the go either on your phone in the MDE app or at one of the FP kiosks that are limited within the parks.

You can only make reservations for one park at a time, so no booking Soarin’ in the morning and Pirate of the Caribbean at night all at once. So if you start your day at Epcot, you can book up to 3 FPs at Epcot and once you use them and are ready to head to Magic Kingdom, you can start booking for Magic Kingdom from Epcot!

You can use any combination of your 3 daily FPs, the only rule is that you can’t have FPs in two different parks at a time.

Only 3! WDW is a big place, can I get more FPs? Yes! You can book 3 FPs at a time per day but then you can continuously book 1 FP at a time. You can do this until the parks close or all the FPs have been distributed for the day, whichever comes first. For more information about how to link your MDE app with your friends and family, connecting your tickets to your MDE, and further details about FPs, please visit My Disney Experience.

What do you always fast pass?

Let us know on our other platforms.

Article By TMR Tours


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Ric Forbes
Ric Forbes
Mar 28, 2019

That is good to know about the grace period!

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