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Is a 5th Park Coming to WDW?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

With crowd sizes growing inside the gates at Walt Disney World and Star Wars Galaxy's Edge soon to open everyone is clamoring on how the stress of these levels will be eliviated. The question remains, Is a 5th park coming to Walt Disney World??

The need for a new park to be added to the line up in Orlando is becoming more evident. Interesting update formulating on property near the old 'Stol' runway located east of the Ticket and Transportation Center. Hundreds of acres of land has been cleared for the new 'construction headquarters'. For years they have stored construction equipment and overflow along this abandoned runway, but could this be a clever pull for a 5th gate? We we call this location G5 for the duration of the article.

Seen here is the old runway which could be re-purposed as parking or park entry. The TTC being directly adjacent makes for easy overflow parking. This also makes for the possibility of a monorail station being added to the Epcot loop as well, connecting three parks together. (MK,Epcot,G5)

This would also allow connecting paths and possible trams from Fort Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge, Port Orleans Resorts, and the NEW Reflections Lodge. There has been over 200 acres of land cleared which contrasts with the land purchased at the south end of property earlier this year. This is another great clue as to the scale of construction that will potentially take place. Compare that footprint to Magic Kingdom, which sits at 128 acres. This would be a huge endeavor, but seems like a great move in the long run.

~Other construction RUMORS ~

Let's head to the front of Magic Kingdom. We hope this one is TRUE. Looks like WDW 'could' get a dark ride style section of the railroad like they have in Disneyland. This would possibly see a reuse of the dinosaur animatronics from the Ellen's Energy Adventure attraction that has been closed for Guardians of the Galaxy revamp.

What are your thoughts on this?

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1 commentaire

Stacy Lehman
Stacy Lehman
24 avr. 2019

I would LOVE if the WDRR gained a dark ride section like they have in Disneyland!

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