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Green Eggs and Ham at Universal Orlando

We finally got to try Green Eggs and Ham over in Seuss Landing. We had to see what all the hype was about even though this location can be seasonal. We tried two dishes and they were both REALLY good. One of them comes with a cool souvenir.

Green Eggs and Ham inside Seuss Landing - Islands Of Adventure.


First on the list was the Who-Hash. A tasty tot dish that is covered in a quest style cheese and some corn beef. The dish itself is hefty and the best part of the dish, you can keep your can of Who Hash. A great mantle piece for your Grinch-mas collection.

Get your VERY OWN can of Who-Hash.

Green Eggs and Ham Tots

Second is the 'Green Eggs and Ham Tots', a great meal for any age. It was a savory dish that gives a ton of morning energy. If you are wondering, the green comes from minced chives within the eggs. A real tasty dish that may take you back to your childhood.

We have been wanting to try this dinging location for a long time and luckily, it didn't;'t disappoint. Both dishes really set the stage for a great day hustling around Islands of Adventure and the Wizarding World.

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