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4th Gate at Universal - Separate Property

The news has broke, there will be a 4th gate coming to Universal Orlando Resort. Over 500-acres near the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, specifically south of Sand Lake Road and east of Universal Boulevard. The new park will also feature its own entertainment district, restaurants, hotels and shops.

Yes, that's right, separate from the current property. This parcel of land has been speculated as a new park location for over a year, since is purchase.

As you can see this is VERY removed from the current property. The rumored opening is 2022, which is a short 3 years away. Other rumors persist about a rapid transit system to connect the two properties, which would be ideal to keep 'park hoppers' happy. The shopping district aspect has great legs being inside the city and less removed, like say, Disney Springs.

What will be in this new land? The much anticipated, Nintendo area will be built here. Expanding beyond that not much is known. We could see classic horror characters, who knows they may take the plunge and do a year round haunt like Universal Hollywood. Not much has been said other than this 4th gate will be Epic and bring some new entertainment to Universal Orlando Resort. What are your thoughts?

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1 Comment

Rian Lehman
Rian Lehman
Aug 01, 2019

I'm down for this, always love exploring new parks.

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