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Popular California Adventure Photo Locations - DCA

From artistic walls to scenic landscapes, Disneyland and Walt Disney World have some beautiful backdrops for you family photos and selfies. Get your instagram ready and remember your hashtags! #disneyland #disneyparkspeople

~ Photo Spots We Loved Checking Out At DCA ~

Although Disneyland itself has endless picture opportunities, DCA has some fun and trendy locations worth mentioning. Do not be fooled, some of these are really amazing and TMR tours really wished Walt Disney World had some similar spots.

Balloon Wall / Up Wall ~

This wall is extremely popular and is located in the Hollywood section of DCA. Look near the Coca-Cola Encounter stand behind the Mike and Sully to the Rescue. This wall is scattered all over Instagram and can be a fun spot to get 'active' photos. There is a trick to making it look really good, just bit of acting. Be aware of the shadows during the day too, there are a few trees lined up in this area.

Buzz Lightyear Wall ~

This is right next to the balloon wall and is another fun photo spot that is seen on a lot of channels. There are a few walls right in this area that many people come and photograph, so don't take up too much time if others are waiting! Walls like this are super fun and we really wish Walt Disney World would pick up more on this trend. #buzzlightyear

Share Your Ears Wall ~ This one is great for those ear lovers out there. It was specifically made to share your ears in front of. It features ears of all kinds right on the wall. Stacy didn't have her ears with her, but was still able to share her ear.

Pixar Pier ~

For any Pixar fan, numerous opportunities await inside Pixar Pier. We opted for the classic in front of the sign pose. Inside Toy Story Mania you can find a ton of fun toys that can be great pictures. Be on the look out for Mr.Potato Head barking orders outside the ride. #pixar #carsland

Cars Land Billboard ~

This area speaks for itself and being very immersive has a ton of fun things to photograph, so be ready. The entryway has a photopass photographer normally snapping some photos with a big queue so be on your toes to get your own. Be aware that many people are around you taking the same picture, so be kind to other vacationers.

Route 66 ~ This one we asked for special and got a great picture. Sometimes the specific 'Cars' landmarks aren't the only thing worth taking pictures of. A piece of history right in DCA, #route66

Bead Wall ~ This hidden gem inside cars land is another popular spot on social media. You can find it behind Fillmore's Filling Station. Have fun with this one!

Pacific Wharf ~

This one is super fun, so if you made it this far in the article it is like a bonus! If you look close this net full of fish has walkway into it, it is actually a clever statue, made for the picture opportunity. We just had some extra fun to make it look as real as possible.

Giant Bear!! ~ What else to say but giant bear. Located outside the Grizzly River Run attraction, this statue is a great group or family photo spot. But if you want, not a bad selfie either. This thing is seriously huge. #bears #countrybears

We had a great time at DCA and an even better time making memories, snapping fun moments. Never under estimate the scenery around you, no matter the location there is always a fun picture waiting to be made. #TMRtours

What spots do you like?

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Article By TMR Tours


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Ric Forbes
Ric Forbes
Mar 28, 2019

I can't wait until we go to Disneyland! Will probably be 2021 though. :(


TMR Tours
TMR Tours
Mar 28, 2019

Who is planning a Disneyland trip? #TMRtours

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