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Gain access to Club TMR - Members Only area with hidden extras and updates.

Get FREE extras when you sign up for multiple months.

Six and twelve month subscriptions available at a discount or purchase individual releases from month to month.

2 Buttons

6 Month


4 Pins


3 Stickers

Seperately $58.96+

3 Stickers

12 Month

4 Magnets

4 Buttons

8 Pins

6 Stickers


Separately $116.96+

Get TMR designed pieces of magic sent to your door every month.


For a one time fee receive a package of our designs at a discount! Each month you will receive at least one item. By the end of the subscription period you will receive all the items in your subscription package.

Your Favorite Theme Park Icons Made For You!

Thank you for your continued support. Kungaloosh!

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