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FREE Baby Yoda Plushy Pattern

Ok, we know he really isn't baby Yoda, he's The Child. No matter what you call him, he is adorable! It seems like everyone these days is all about this cute Star Wars character that was introduced in the new Disney+ Series, The Mandalorian.

Get your crafty self ready because over on the new Sewing with Stacy YouTube channel; Stacy has released a Baby Yoda sewing tutorial and a FREE pattern.

Want one but don't have time to make it? You can grab one here.

Follow along with this video on youtube:

Here's a quick tutorial of what you need to do:


1/2 Yard of Green Fleece

1/2 Yard of Brown/Tan Fleece

Pattern (again... here: FREE pattern)

Hand sewing needle & thread for finishing

Polyfil/Fiber Fill

Pen for marking

First gather your materials and trace the pattern pieces on the wrong side of the fabric.

Cut out your patterns about 1/4' away from what you traced. (This will be your seam allowance.)

Pin your pieces together.

Sew together on the line you traced for the body. Make sure to leave about 1" open so that you can turn the body. See the video on how/where to sew the jacket together.

Turn the body right side out.

Attach your eyes. (See the video for more help with this.) Stuff your baby Yoda.

Close the opening with a ladder stitch. Put jacket on your baby Yoda.

Need more help? Get it here Article By TMR Tours


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